Songwriters Kevin Elias & Richard Fey
   "New Horizons" with guest artist Michael Gardner is a Tribute to the discoverer of Pluto, Streator, IL, native Clyde W. Tombaugh (1906-1997), and the NASA/JHUAPL mission to encounter the planet Pluto in Spring of 2015.
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Songs from Elias Fey. They Rock! Enjoy the music.
Performed and Produced by Richard at Planet X Recording.
2015 Richard Fey and Kevin Elias. All rights reserved

The New Horizons space probe carries some of Dr. Tombaugh's ashes on board as it travels to Pluto. Read more about Clyde Tombaugh and the discovery of Pluto.

Follow New Horizons on its way to visit the planet Pluto and then beyond through the Kuiper Belt at the perimeter of our known solar system and learn more at the New Horizons mission website.
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